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Time is passing so fast that it's making my head spin.

Goals unfinished, mostly important things that make Melissa happy, such as theatre and kickboxing.
Feel like a lazy failure for not getting it together by now, but newly motivated. Stay tuned. 

Loving the fall so far. Sweaters and rainbow colored trees and carmel apples.

Yesterday was the best: Kumas, Margies and The Last Dragon with some of my favorite Chicago people. 

For the past two weeks, work has been pretty nice, actually. Have a new full time Physical Therapist that moved from Philly (hallelujah).  Super cool girl who sings all day. Taught her how to knit last week. I think we'll keep her.

Watching Dr. Horrible a lot, since it's the only TV show/movie on my ipod (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Need to figure out how to put more on there.

Figured out how to make shortcuts and activate right click mouse-ing with new computer. So much better.

Saw Chris' new band play their first gig. So wonderful to see him doing what he loves and being happy.

Rocky Horror Halloween shows: weekend one survived. Two shows in one night was an interesting experiment. Fun, but exhausting. Trannie pile in the first show was too much fun.
Next weekend at the Music Box shows Mrs. Lovett will come out to play. Can't wait to wear it. 

Need to go back to bed. I'm pooped. Hate it when I wake up early in the morning after being up until 3 am. 

Listening to newer Tori albums again and still can't get into American Girl Posse. 

Tonight: DAVID BYRNE at the Civic Opera house. yesssss. 
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